Sudha Ravi

Mrs. Ravi has over 30 years of experience across banking and financial services. Mrs. Ravi has been focused on building a real estate and education focused financing business since 2011. Mrs. Ravi was part of the top management team at State Bank of India. She has held the posts of General Manager, Enterprise Risk Management at the Corporate Office, as Chief Representative, Washington DC USA and as Deputy General Manager in-charge of Chairman’s Sect at SBI. She currently works as Head, Compliance at Piramal Fund Management.

Our Exclusive Interview:

What do you look for in a company while evaluating to join its Board?

The company’s performance specially the growth of the CEO. 2. Composition of the Board and the Board members experience. 3. Involvement of the Board members and their contribution to the company’s strategy & growth.4.My contribution as I would like to make a difference to the Board

As per you, what should be the Top 3 priorities for a Board?

Corporate Governance.2. Understanding the industry where I join as the Board member. 3. To see that the information flows between the Management and the Directors.

Do you think there is a change in how Boards in India are run in the last 5 years?

Definitely the Boards in India have changed a lot and the change is “awareness of corporate governance & independence of the Board”

In your opinion, can the Board be held accountable for company’s performance?

I feel one must review the performance as per the strategy discussed. Directors who have set up the strategy must monitor the CEO who is implementing it and must question the CEO at regular intervals of time

Which Board run companies do you admire globally and in India?

Globally I admire the Boards of Google and Face book . In India, one would like to think and revert.

What would you advise professionals who intend to be Board Members in future

Be very clear, if you would want to be a Director II. Understanding the company well in regard to the responsibilities attached III. Monitor, mentor as a Director and see that the company makes a profit IV. See to the timeframe of the implementation of the strategy that is discussed in the Board meeting