Stepping into Boardroom

July 24, 2019

24th July 2019, Gurugram | Speaker : Neelam Dhawan and Ramni Nirula

The Seventh Edition of Perspective was held on 24th July 2019 at Taj City Centre, Gurugram. The Major discussion revolved around qualifying the opportunity or offer received to become an independent Director and necessary due diligence prior to acceptance of the offer. Ms. Dhawan stressed on doing a thorough research about the company, financial performance, audit reports, compliance reports, etc. Additionally understanding companies business and why they would want you to join the board. Speaking to the current and past members of the board both executive and independent will help you understand the working of the board. Ms. Nirula added that the responsibility of an independent director is advisory and not executive and same needs to reflect in the opportunity offered.

To conclude the success of an independent director would be directly reflected upon the due diligence done by him prior to accepting the boardship.

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