Rajesh Balaji

Rajesh has over 25 years of experience in Human Resources ranging from Financial Services to platform-based new-age E-Commerce industry. Worked in Europe, Middle East and APAC regions in the Human Resources function. Extensive experience in Compensation and Benefits, Talent Management, Performance Management, Diversity& Inclusion, Change Management and International HR Practices. Rajesh’s is CHRO for a Global WedTech company .Prior to the current role, Rajesh worked for leading Banks such as Standard Chartered Bank, Barclays Bank to name few. Rajesh is a post graduate in Human ResourcesRajesh Balaji was Awarded Top 100 HR Professionals in INDIA by World HRD Congress .

Our Exclusive Interview:

1. What the HR needs to do in order to drive more value in the VUCA world?

The VUCA world has created an environment for HR to stabilize the function, by accelerating digital initiatives in the function which protects the  fundamentals of the organization. The focus will be more on value driven participation to support business and be a true business partner. Talent management will be in top focus given the speed at which the talent landscape is changing in the industry. When business functions go through volatile situation, stable HR function will provide necessary support for the business to handle the volatility

2. How have you leveraged technological innovation, particularly with resourcing and recruitment?

New ways of hiring over the traditional ways of hiring have become the forefront. Hiring strong middle management and ensuring there is the supply of talent in the Sr leadership positions via robust succession planning in place. The new ways of hiring are used extensively, for eg. Sr leaders writing blogs on various social media, connecting with potential talent who view and respond to the blog. This will ensure, we use blogging platforms a communication media with potential candidates who display  passion for the subject.

3. As an HR Leader, what are the key deliverables that can be instrumental for a firm to be successful?

There are four pillar of deliverables that will be instrumental for firm to be successful

1.          Digitalize the HR function to weed out transactional activities in HR function

2.      Build business partnering capability to partner with business that can address issues and allow business to grow effectively

3.      Hiring right talent that can successfully take the organization to next level

4.      Retain and develop top talent and provide opportunities to grow in the system which will ensure talent stability

4. We have heard a lot about D&I, what does it mean to you and what are you doing about it?

Diversity and inclusion should be part of organization DNA not to just meet the targets in D&I, but to make sure every genuine effort by the organization to be inclusive . Create a culture which doesn’t discriminate gender, age, orientation , community, creed and have appropriate mechanism and infrastructure in place to address the challenges face the segment as and when it arises

5. The role of HR leaders has changed over the years. How do you see the role of HR leaders evolve by 2025?.

HR Leaders will be sitting alongside CEO in all critical business decisions. HR leaders will be consulted in all aspects of business , given the fact that, all functions do carry critical people decisions going forward. This is because ,talent will be a rare commodity in the future which will have  impact in business decision  and hence HR leaders play critical role in all business aspects.