Why Are We So Trusted

The demand for talent has never been greater and organizations today, regardless of industry or location, seek honest, motivated, talented and committed individuals to achieve their goals and vision. The tremendous pace of change in the new economy requires both corporates and employees to radically reinvent and reconstruct themselves with creativity, passion and perseverance, integrity and insight.

Our personalized and customized human & search solutions make us an effective mediator for this change and convergence.

Success Stories

Our Approach To Search

Closure within 3 presented candidates

60% of our searches close within 3 candidates

Quality time within Strict TAT's

In 75% searches, we provide 3 best fit candidates within 4 weeks

Discrete market checks before presentation of candidate

We undertake multiple discrete reference checks from ex bosses, peers, clients and even competition to coroborate our assessment

90% + Offer to Joining ratio

Our Offer To Joining (OTJ)process has led to increasing our OTJ ratio from 75% to 90%+ over last 4 years